What Is Rahat ?

Rahat (relief in Nepali) is an open source blockchain-based token cash and voucher assistance platform.

Rahat manages and monitors the flow of transactions in token distribution projects maintaining end to end transparency for humanitarian agencies who need a transparent, efficient and cheaper way to distribute cash or goods in emergency response.

Our Mission

We aim to make humanitarian aid distribution efficient and transparent to support marginalized communities.

Rahat strengthens financial inclusion for vulnerable community members and helps them receive cash transfers through local vendors in their communities.

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Why Rahat ?

The current relief distribution system is opaque, slow and expensive. This in turn creates potential for aid mismanagement, waste and fraud. Powered by Blockchain, Rahat ensures transparency and real time monitoring of relief distribution.

Transparent Coverage of Distribution

Real-time monitoring of how the funds are deployed.

Prevents Double Spending

Transactions are run on a blockchain backend making it impossible for users to double spend the tokens like real cash.

Decentralized Distribution

Transaction information in the blockchain network is not stored centrally making it more secure and disaster resistant.

Low Overhead and Transaction costs

Rahat cuts admin and audit costs helping aid.

Highly Customized

Rahat system can be customized and integratable to meet your project needs.

User Friendly

Low onboarding hurdle with simple user interface. Built with users in mind.

How it Works ?

Learn how Rahat has helped aid distribution projects.

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Our Services

We have a suite of services to help you conduct your aid distribution projects transparently and efficiently.

  • Dashboard
  • Mobile App
  • SMS/IVR/QR Code Cards
  • Vendor Enrollment


Android based mobile apps for vendors/social
mobilizers to manage transactions.

Manage your digital cash voucher
assistance through SMS/IVR/QR Codes.

Easily enroll and manage your KYC
process through our simple and intuitive mobile app.

Partners And Clients


Are you looking to conduct relief distribution?

Rahat will help you design and manage a streamlined and transparent end to end relief distribution.

In the Media


Get to know the story of Rahat, its use cases and its potential.

Case Study

Rahat collected its learnings, research and experience to digital aid distribution in different parts of Nepal. Explore our case studies to learn about our aid distribution projects.

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