Software Releases

29 Oct, 2021

Rahat release version 2.4.0

Rahat 2.4.0 released with some new features and integration. This release is mostly focused on third-party integration- KoBotoolbox. and smart contract updates.

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29 Sept, 2021

Rahat release version 2.3.0

We are back with another release. Rahat September release is mostly focused on the feedback/ suggestions by the stakeholders of Rahat application.

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30 Aug, 2021

Rahat release version 2.2.0

Welcome to the August Release of Rahat. In this Rahat v2.2.0 release, our major focus is on Smart Contract Testing and improvement in UI/UX of Rahat agency web-app.

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28 July, 2021

Rahat release version 2.1.0

We’re very excited to share that Rahat will be posting release blogs for new features and improvements every month. In this release, we have improvised the User Experience for Rahat agency app, Reporting, updated User Management, and resolved minor bugs

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