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Aid Agency Dashboard

Rahat Agency dashboard is a web application for aid agencies to create, manage and monitor their aid distribution projects. Users can log in quickly and securely to their dashboard using a wallet app.

Project creation and budget allocation
Token creation and burn
NFT creation
Turn-key project reporting
Financial service providers onboarding and integration
Beneficiary registration tool with KYC
Existing beneficiary data integration
Vendor onboarding and management
Real-time monitoring of fund flow
Social mobilizers onboarding and management
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Vendor app

Rahat Vendor mobile app is a digital wallet app for vendors and merchants. Pre-selected vendors register through this app to provide cash or commodity to beneficiaries on behalf of the aid agencies. Through their digital wallet, vendors receive tokens from beneficiaries and redeem them from participating financial service providers or the aid agency.

Receive tokens from beneficiaries
View recent transaction
Check total balance
Redeem tokens received
Transfer tokens
Supports offline transaction

Social Mobilizer App

Rahat social mobilizer application is for in-field volunteers and local partners. Through the app, they can onboard beneficiaries and assign them tokens on behalf of the aid agency.

Register beneficiaries on-site
Assign tokens
View registered beneficiary list
Check project budget balance
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